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Department of Mathematics
University of Pittsburgh

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Pitt calculus course information

Can't log in? Check for these problems:

  • you entered your username in UPPERCASE? Wrong
  • you appended to your username? Wrong
  • You added the course recently? Wait
If you entered your username and password correctly and it has been more than a few days since you added the course and you still cannot log in, have your Instructor follow these directions to add an account with a non-Pitt username:
  • Click Classlist Editor2
  • Click action to perform: Add
  • Click Take Action!
  • Enter Last Name,First Name,Student ID,NON-PITT USERNAME,Email Address,Section,Recitation,Comment
  • Click Add Students
  • Click Classlist Editor2
  • Click action to perform: Password
  • Click the checkbox next to your username
  • Choose: Give new password to which users? selected users
  • Click Take Action!
  • In the New Password field, enter your new password
  • Click Take Action!

If all else fails, then enter a help ticket at:
Copy the following information into the ticket form and fill in the correct values:

Authentication failed for (yourusername) on
Date: (date of failure)
Time: (time of failure)
Course: MathXXXX-XXXXX
Attn: Pitt IT DSAS and Honors Support

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