Online Homework in Math 0120 and 0200

All your homework will be done online. Homework assignments and due dates will be set by your instructor.

Logging on

Enter the url in your web browser. You should see a list of available courses. To find your course, you will need to know the five digit class number that identifies your lecture section. You can find this on your class schedule. If your lecture section for Math 0120 is 12345, then your course will be listed as Math0120-12345. Click on this course, and at the login prompt, enter your usual Pitt username and password. You must enter your username in lower case. Your password is case sensitive.

Doing your homework

When you log in, you should see a list of available homework assignments. Click on an assignment to work on it. When you enter an answer, the computer will tell you whether it is right or wrong. If you enter an incorrect answer, you can try again. Your instructor may set a limit on the number of attempts you get. If so, the system will tell you how many attempts you have remaining. You may return to an assignment as often as you like. The system will accept answers until the due date for the assignment.

Checking your grades

You can check your homework grades by clicking the "Grades" link after logging on.

More Information

For additional information about the WeBWorK online homework system, visit the Webwork student information wiki.